Leverage The AME Group - Nashville's 技术的成功项目 to provide a strategic approach to managing your business technology. 允许kok足彩将您的技术与行业标准相比较, identifying risks that may affect your business and ensuring you remain competitive in your market. kok足彩的 continual standards alignment helps to identify and offset risk that may adversely affect your business.


在您的业务中使用技术没有一刀切的方法. kok足彩的流程将使您的目标与您的业务保持一致. The virtual CIO (vCIO) and Client Technical Alignment Manager (CTAM) are the strategic cornerstone of the The AME Group's service delivery model. 这些角色一起工作确定, 评估并推荐客户网络中基于风险发现的解决方案.

kok足彩称之为kok足彩的技术成功计划. The 技术的成功项目 (TSP) is a set of best practices from both industry and The AME Group's experience. 确保kok足彩能有效地帮助您实现您的目标, kok足彩记录的方法与您的商业计划相呼应. 当你的目标改变时,TSP文档会更新以保持它们一致.

kok足彩的技术成功计划 (TSP) will benchmark your company against industry standards and provide a roadmap for execution. 通过TSP, we provide a timeline to assist in budgeting that includes the business impact of those decisions.

TSP recommendations are delivered in an easy-to-understand format that includes not only the recommendations, 还有背后的原因. 是否老化的硬件, 新的业务流程或降低业务风险, kok足彩覆盖这些领域,努力成为真正的商业合作伙伴.

kok软件 & 预算更新

kok足彩的 objective is to become a member of your team to understand your business goals and how technology solutions can help drive your business forward. IT是驱动当今业务关键部分的核心, The AME Group works to become the trusted professional services firm that you can rely on.

kok足彩的 collective experience in many industry verticals and our focus as a true managed services provider can be leveraged across our client base to help increase your company’s profitability, 生产力和效率. We bring our extensive experience in what has made other businesses successful so you don't have to understand the full complexity of IT.

为了确保kok足彩正在帮助您实现您的目标,kok足彩的技术计划反映了您的商业计划. 如果您的业务目标发生变化,kok足彩将更新您的技术计划,使其保持一致. 定期的业务审查保持这种一致性.

支持 & 服务

效率低下的IT支持过程可能会导致生产损失, 沮丧的员工, 错过目标和影响你的底线. 在AME集团,kok足彩孜孜不倦地努力减少与IT相关的噪音. kok足彩的 vast experience has allowed us to implement a mature operating model to provide efficient IT support processes, 一个文档的平台, 方便的远程访问和指标,以确保kok足彩的服务水平满足您的期望.

使用kok足彩的托管服务, clients receive a team-based approach that includes dedicated roles for a virtual CIO (vCIO) and Client Technical Alignment Manager (CTAM). This provides depth within each client to provide service continuity and help prevent a single point of failure in the relationship. The vCIO and CTAM collaborate on analyzing your IT infrastructure to align our recommendations to your business goals.

kok足彩的 业务支持中心 是否有专门的团队准备快速解决问题. They are solely dedicated to handling client service requests quickly - not multi-tasking between on-site visits or working on projects.

kok足彩跟踪实时服务台性能、响应时间和解决时间. These metrics are displayed on dashboards throughout the office and are always top-of-mind for our company. 这些指标每周报告给领导团队进行审查.

一流的服务 & 支持

Getting issues into the hands of the people that can solve them is critical to delivering service quality. 用kok足彩经过充分验证的流程, we escalate the service requests to the appropriate resources quickly to eliminate service issues and improve uptime.

而kok足彩的服务台可以在第一次呼叫时解决80%以上的服务请求, 有时会发生关键任务和高度复杂的问题. 当这些发生, kok足彩的升级团队在那里处理得到一个最高优先级的解决方案. This might be an entire company down or an individual needing to get a proposal out the door. kok足彩的客户决定问题的严重性和影响,kok足彩也会相应地采取行动. 如果有业务关键的事件或问题, kok足彩有一个应对小组,共同努力提高人们的意识, 交付更新, 有效地确定优先次序,勤奋地工作,直到问题得到解决.

网络服务-监控 & 维护

持续的监控, 维护和维护您的IT基础设施是稳定的关键, 健康的组织. kok足彩拥有一流的工具和经验丰富的自动化平台, AME组将保留您的网络, hardware and systems in great shape to allow you to concentrate on the day-to-day operations and higher-value projects that keep the business moving.

基础设施是所有技术的基础. 就像有房子一样, it is extremely important to verify its integrity before you begin to build on top of it and maintain it over time. 缺乏维护可能会导致停机, 安全风险, 收入损失, 合规问题影响公司的成长.

远程监控对于现代复杂工作场所的生产力至关重要. kok足彩的 specialized services measure literally thousands of data sources within your network and provide granular insights into the overall health of business systems. In turn, you can focus on your business needs while we deflect potential issues behind the scenes.

kok足彩的 automated services dissect your environment and produce reports on your technology that can be used for immediate fixes or long-term planning of your technology. Proactive alerting cuts off potential issues and ensures that your systems remain healthy. 您将充分了解系统输出,kok足彩确保您的系统工作良好.


kok足彩的 engineers remotely resolve issues upstream so that your team is not affected downstream. From our tools and processes to our documentation management platform, The AME Group has you covered.


  • 网络设备和基础设施组件的监视、警报和通知
  • 微软操作系统和第三方应用程序补丁管理
  • 集中的防病毒管理
  • 电子邮件安全平台
  • 每月基础设施运行状况和补丁报告
  • 服务器硬件和基于服务器的软件的资产跟踪

先进保护-安全 & 合规

在当今瞬息万变的技术环境中, 领先于持续的安全威胁是至关重要的. To help best protect clients from these technology threats we have bundled some of the best resources available into an advanced security offering. Managed 安全 服务s (MSS) maintains the security and integrity of your IT work environment by employing our suite of security and monitoring tools. kok足彩的 MSS includes a robust set of tools available to every enrolled user that includes security awareness training, 事件检测和高级端点保护. By assessing and continually auditing the security practices and awareness of your entire organization, 您能够识别和解决培训问题,以防止安全漏洞.


使用世界上最流行的安全感知平台之一, we send your team quarterly scheduled simulated email phishing campaigns and annual security awareness training to keep security top-of-mind for all users.


使用业界领先的工具,kok足彩提供DNS过滤,以防止恶意软件. 该特性为公司网络以及所有台式机和笔记本电脑提供保护.


kok足彩的 comprehensive tool scans email link destinations for malicious content in “real-time” and provides a customized spam filter.


使用虚拟设备, 你的网络被扫描, 检测到安全威胁, 各种利益相关者都得到了警告. 此工具提供Windows域事件日志监控, 以及对设备和用户异常行为的日常审查.


An industry-leading monitoring platform will report on compromised credentials found on the dark web that are associated with your company’s email domain.


使用分析支持的安全性和日志管理工具, kok足彩可以提供每日的网络活动执行摘要报告.